Diving Off Loloata Island Resort

With over 29 dive sites to choose from in Bootless Bay surrounding Loloata Island Resort provides options for every diver

While often overlooked by divers passing through on their way to Milne Bay or Kimbe Bay; on the contrary to what one might expect, there is some real quality diving just off Port Moresby.

Diving Port Moresby has a distinctly “local” flavour as there is a strong following from the large expat community based in the capital that regularly enjoys the 29+ dive sites the location offers. Some of the best dive sites are concentrated along the offshore and sunken barrier reefs; many of which can be absolutely stunning in the right conditions.

Loloata Island Resort in Bootless Bay has a strong reputation with the international dive community because of the previous dive resort which operated on the island for almost 40 years.

The redeveloped resort boasts several dive sites less than a 30 minute boat ride away, fully equipped dive shop facilities, fast dive boats, an experienced team of dedicated instructors and dive guides providing a high standard of service to ensure each dive is truly memorable.

A selection of PADI Dive Courses are available - Learning to dive or upgrading your current certification and skills was never easier.

Hot tip: Loloata is a great place to see and photograph the quite rare and very beautiful Rhinopias

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