Day Visitors

Loloata Private Island Resort welcomes day visitors that wish to spend a fun day on the beach or pool, or simply enjoy a delicious meal or cocktail at one of our restaurants. In order to preserve the privacy and comfort of our in-house guests, all day visitors necessarily require a booking in order to access the property as Loloata Private Island Resort has a strict no walk-in policy. To avoid disappointment, please book 24 hours before your intended arrival time; all you need to do is fill in the form below or email to [email protected] with the following details


-Your name and the name and age of all visitors accompanying you whether they are children or adults.

- You must also indicate whether you will be coming to our mainland reception using your own vehicle, or whether you will be using one of our daily scheduled transfer services. Please note that transfers are included in the price of your day visitor pass. Below you will find the schedule for daily transfers.

-If you will be using our transfer service, please indicate which scheduled bus you will be boarding and at pick up / drop off location, so we can ensure your seats are available and our drivers are duly informed.

- Please remember to take your booking confirmation with you; you will need to show it to the bus driver.

-Please provide a telephone contact for any unforeseen incidences.

-Upon arrival at mainland reception, all visitors must produce a valid form of identification, this identification must match the name/s on your confirmed booking. Kindly note this is a mandatory requirement, and access to the property will not be permitted without it.


Further information can be found in our terms and conditions below.



ADULT FEE: PGK 100 Per guest

CHILDREN FEE: PGK 70 Per child (10 years and below)

Upon your arrival at our mainland reception, please check in with our friendly reception staff. They will confirm your visitor pass/es and issue you with your own e-wallet. Please note that Loloata Private Island Resort is a 100% cashless property, payments can only be made with local /international debit and credit cards (Visa & Mastercard) or using our own cashless e-wallet system.

Our e-wallet system allows you to top up your membership or day visitor e-wallet card with funds using your credit/debit card. You may do this at mainland reception when you check in. This method of payment is safe, fast and very easy to use, because you can pay at any our outlets within seconds with our extremely convenient “tap and go” cashless payment system, avoiding queue and unnecessary waiting.

When the days fun is over, and you are ready to go home, simply stop by our island reception or our mainland reception and your e-wallet K20 deposit and any unused funds in your card will be refunded into your credit/debit card before your departure.

Please note that the last ferry departs Loloata Private Island Resort at 09:00 PM.

Please allow for sufficient time to process your refund, return your e-wallet and make it to the ferry on time. Kindly note that if you miss the ferry, a private transfer will have to be arranged for you and additional charges will apply.

The Day visitor fee includes scheduled Loloata bus pick-ups from Royal Papua Yacht Club to Tahira Terminus and from there to Loloata Private Island Resort by ferry. Return transfers follow the same route. Rate includes access to the private island, round trip transfers and usage of resort pools and private beaches. Please see pick up and drop off schedule below and include your preferred times in your enquiry. 

Terms & Conditions:

·       All Day Visitors require a confirmed booking by email; please book 24 hours in advance to avoid disappointment. Loloata Private Island resort has a no-walk policy to protect the privacy and comfort of in-house guests.

·       Day visitors must report to Front Desk at Mainland Tahira to check in.

·       Loloata is a Cashless Resort, all payments must be made using credit cards or through the resort's cashless payment system (e-wallet). You will require a credit or debit card to charge your Loloata e-wallet at the Front Desk on Mainland - Tahira. Absolutely no cash payments are accepted.

·       Refundable deposit K20 will be charged to get your e-wallet activated. When you hand over the e-wallet card back to reception at Tahira or Island; you will get your deposit K20 refunded back to your credit or debit card along with the balance if any.

·       Please email your booking requirements to [email protected] to make your reservation, please indicate the names of all visitors in the booking, as well as their age.

·       Please indicate your pick-up / drop-off location and schedule. Note that a valid ID will be required at check-in for all Day Visitors. Confirmation is subject to availability.

·       Guest should carry a copy of booking confirmation with them that will be verified before boarding the shuttle bus.

·       Day visitors with a confirmed booking are welcome to enjoy other resort facilities such as Bootless Bay Restaurant & Bar; The Beach Club, Sea Salt Spa and an array of activities and dining experiences on offer. Please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

·       The number of visitors allowed on the island is limited to avoid disrupting the stay of resident guests. Privates vessels require a booking to anchor within the island's foreshore lease and necessarily must use the jetty to access the island; dinghies and jet skis are not allowed on or around any of the island’s beaches. Special arrangements and bookings can be made for yachts with management approval; fees apply.

·       Contact [email protected] or mobile 70043822 for moorings and other yacht/boat service bookings.

·       Outside food and beverages are strictly prohibited on the island

·       Parking space around Tahira is at your own risk.

·       All Day Visitors must leave the property by 9,30pm.

·       By entering the resort, a guest agrees to leave the place and any facilities used in sound, clean and tidy condition.

·       Day Visitors visiting an inhouse, registered guest will need a confirmed booking and are required to pay the Day Visitor fee.

·       Day visitors are not allowed to enter any in-house guest rooms/suites