Loloata Island Resort is situated off the coast of Port Moresby in Bootless Bay. Offering a unique island experience only 20 minutes from Port Moresby. Day trips and overnight stays are available with bookings essential.

Loloata Island Resort is a modern island resort, complete with two restaurants, a swimming pool, recreational beaches, a spa, a conference centre and 22 over-water villas. Importantly, it is also a resort that is sensitive to its surrounding environment – a marine reserve.

The island is full of options, depending on whether you want to flop and drop in the Beach Club pool with one of the resort’s signature cocktails or iced teas in your hand, or be more adventurous and energetic.

Loloata Island sits on the edge of the Papuan Barrier Reef and there are 29 dive sites around the island where experienced divers can explore its reefs, spectacular sea life, shipwrecks and even a World War 2 Boston bomber. There are also excellent snorkeling sites.

Loloata’s PADI-certified dive and activities center is opened now, so learning to dive is also now an option. If you’re not a diver, the resort offers boat trips to nearby Lion Island, where there are more remarkable snorkeling opportunities, while paddle boards and kayaks are provided to guests free of charge on the main beach adjacent to the Beach Club. Or you can just sit in the warm shallows and enjoy the relaxing waters of the Coral Sea.

The island itself is worth exploring. A footpath along part of its shoreline takes you to the smaller, more secluded red rock Beach, and then up steep steps onto the ‘mountain’ – the highest point of the island – where you can walk the remainder of the island.