Dive Seasons

Late December until early April is the wet season: The sea is usually relatively calm, but the visibility declines through the wet season. Late April until late May is the doldrums: The sea is usually calm and the visibility begins to improve. Early June until early October is the dry season: Southeast trade winds blow at this time, making the sea sometimes quite choppy, the visibility is quite good. Late October until early December is the doldrums again: This is when the best diving is to be had with calm seas and good visibility. Diving is run all year round and even during bad weather some dive sites are still accessible. Water temperature ranges from 25 degrees C (76 degrees F) in August and September up to 30 degrees C (86 degrees F) in March and April Divers are advised to wear a Lycra skin to prevent sunburn and stings. During the cooler months a 3mm wetsuit or thicker is recommended.